Working to make things loud
(but not too loud) as

  • Freelance engineer at most venues on request                     (Always)
  • In-house tech at Boney in Melbourne’s CBD                      (2018 - 2019)
  • Production manager at The Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy        (2016 - 2019) 

Current & Past Clients   ︎

Batz, Candy, Crepes, Christopher Port, Destrends, Didirri, Duckwrth (USA), Flossy, Forever Ends Here (USA),
Full Moon Flower Band, Horatio Luna, Jazz Party, King Parrot, Lazertits, LOSSLESS, Leisure Centre (FKA Do Yo Thangs), Leroy Sanchez (BRA), Lime Cordiale, Messy Mammals, Next Man Dead, Niine, Peter Bibby, RACKETT, Ruby Gill, SAN MEI, Sunnyside, Supersuckers (USA), Squid Nebula, Xavier Wolf (USA)